Can Stretch Marks Be Prevented?

Although pregnancy is a source of bliss for many women, it can’t be denied that it comes with a lot of discomforts to a woman.

Among the many disadvantages of pregnancy, one thing that really takes a toll on the appearance of a pregnant woman is stretch marks.

Stretch marks results from the tearing of the dermis especially during the third trimester of the pregnancy. Although it is impossible to get rid of stretch marks, their visibility can be reduced.

The Cause of Stretch Marks

But, why are stretch marks common to pregnant women? Well, stretch marks develop because of the increased production of glucocortocoids, a type of body hormone.

Because of the increased production of glucocorticoids, the dermis of the skin tears up, especially because the elastin and the collagen are torn by the hormone.

However, this overproduction of glucocortioids is not only common to pregnant women; they are common to people who lost or gained weight rapidly, too.

Can Stretch Marks Be Eradicated?

Contrary to what many people think, stretch marks can never be eradicated. The truth of the matter is that even the pricey fractional laser treatment cannot get rid of them.

What this procedure does is to only increase the production of the collagen so that the skin becomes more elastic and firmer.

When the skin becomes more toned and elastic, it creates an optical illusion that the stretch marks are not there. Hence, even if they have not been gotten rid of, it is not easy to notice them.

Common Stretch Mark Remedies

Common Stretch Mark RemediesApart from the fractional laser treatment, it is also common for people who have stretch marks to use stretch mark creams to deal with their unsightly marks. Do these creams or lotions do the trick in eradicating the stretch marks?

If the pricey fractional laser treatment cannot get rid of stretch marks, how much more these creams? However, just like fractional laser treatments, these stretch mark creams can also do the trick in creating an illusion that the stretch marks are not there.

These days, the market is flooded with various stretch mark creams and lotions that promise to help people with stretch marks.

Although these stretch mark creams and lotions have varying ingredients, more often than not, they contain Vitamins A and E, which are known to be good stimulants of collagen production. When the skin produces more collagen, stretch marks become less visible.

How Pregnant Women Can Control the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Since the cause of the formation of stretch marks is hormonal, it means that pregnant women can never really runaway from the formation of these unsightly lines on their skin.

However, they can definitely do something in order to control their formation. One of the best ways that they can do so that the appearance of their stretch marks can be controlled is to apply creams or lotions that contain Vitamins A and E.

And, they shouldn’t just apply them; they have to apply them in a massaging motion so that blood circulation can be improved. When the blood flows freely, the growth of new skin tissues can be promoted. Hence, the skin becomes healthier.

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