Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

“Size does matter”. This is a saying that many men tend to believe because for them it really does matter, and not just in the bedroom. As a man, you may find yourself wondering if your penis size and length are enough to satisfy your partner in bed. These concerns may cause one to start looking for ways to increase the length and girth of his member.

You might have seen ads on the internet about penis pumps that can supposedly help improve your erection and size down under, but are uncertain about whether or not they truly work. Well we can’t blame you if you start questioning the ads because anything that sounds too good to be true may have a catch to it.

So can using a penis pump really give you a lengthier penis? The answer is yes because using this device does help lengthen your penis and increase its size to a certain extent. But, let’s discuss further how that is possible.

Do They Help in Getting Better Erections?

Penis pumps have proven to be great tools in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and helping men maintain penis length after getting a prostatectomy. This tool can also be used to help men get maintain erectile functions and have better erections. Even those who have never undergone treatment for prostate cancer can benefit from this.

So what exactly is the reason for this? It’s simple: using a penis pump improves the oxygenation of your penis’ tissues, reduces the risk of cavernal fibrosis from forming, and improves the blood flow in your penis. All three of these issues can improve the chances of improving penis length and preserving erectile function.

Do They Help Improve Penis Size and Length?

This is the question that most men ask whenever they use a penis pump. The good news is that it does help improve the length and size of your penis. However, the only catch is that the effects are temporary. Some men who use penis pumps three to five times a week on a regular basis have claimed to have gotten much greater penis length. But once they stop using the pump even for just a few days, their penis goes back to its normal length before the pump.

Surgery is Not a Practical Option

Unfortunately, some men will still go to great lengths (no pun intended) to improve the size of their penis. This includes getting surgery once they realize that pumps only provide temporary benefits. Although there are different surgical techniques that may help one get a lengthier penis, studies have found that results have been mixed.

There are always risks that come with getting a cosmetic procedure, and anything that involves altering your genitalia may result in unwanted complications. Not only that, but surgery is also a pricey endeavour and one that could cost you a lot of money for unwanted results. Consult with a doctor before undergoing this sort of procedure because it might not be worth it in the long run.