Laser Therapy for Scar Removal

The presence and acquisition of a scar is highly inevitable. In the beginning, no one really wants to have a scar especially in skin areas that are commonly exposed for the public to notice (e.g. face, arms and legs).

However, accidents do happen in a person’s life and if there are wounds or lacerations involved, it would be no wonder that these wounds would eventually turn out to become a scar.

What is worse is that these scars could reside permanently on the skin or if one is lucky, will just go away after a month or so.

What are temporary scars?

Temporary scars appear when the wound that was acquired was only superficial which means that it only involved the upper layer of the skin which is the epidermis.

The skin cells on this area of the skin are constantly multiplying that for every 30 days or one month, a new cell layer is always produced and that could include replacing the scar tissue on the epidermis with a new and healthy skin layer.

What are permanent scars?

If the wound that was created was deeper than the epidermal layer, then you are in for a big problem since these scars would usually do not disappear until forever.

When these wounds would go beyond the epidermal layer, it would be harder for it to be removed since there are no more active areas for cell division that occurs in this area.

But the good news is that the technology nowadays has provided us techniques on how to remove these permanent scars.

Laser Scar Removal

Through laser therapy, one can now remove permanent scars in just a snap of the finger. These laser scar removal therapies have been designed to remove scars especially the keloids. But nowadays, this laser therapy is applicable basically to all types of scars.

How does this laser scar removal therapy works?

The basic technology that has been incorporated in these laser scar removal therapy is through fractionization by the use of laser.

fractional laserWhat happens in this therapy is that this technology would use fractional laser light that would create micro columns of coagulated tissue that would be able to extend into the deeper parts of the skin.

Since this laser technology is able to go beyond the epidermis, it could allow cell multiplication in that area therefore the scar could be easily removed and replaced by new skin tissue.

What are the benefits of this laser scar removal therapy?

The best thing about this laser therapy is that is able to penetrate into the deeper portions of the skin. When compared to pharmacologic agents, this technique is also faster and that the results are immediate.

The recovery time is minimal or there is no recovery time at all! And even if this is a surgical technique, no pain is also felt during the procedure and yet, the outcome is still great. Just remember that this technique must be done by experts in order for it to be safe and highly effective.

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Topical Agents for Scar Removal

The presence of a scar would imply that a person had a previous wound that was already healed. Probably, the wound was a little deeper than the usual therefore a scar tissue was present after it healed fully.

In some instances, after a wound has healed, the scar it formed may become permanent or not depending on the type and depth of the wound. If the wound is just superficial, the scar that will be formed after healing could disappear in a couple of days.

However, if the wound is deep and relatively bigger, it could cause a bigger scar formation and the scar could remain permanently in the person’s life.

In the past, there were no products that could help remove a scar. That is why in the past, men who have acquired scars from battles and any other ways, would be very proud of the scar because it was their “battle sign” and the indication that they have gone through a great battle.

But in the present, even men would want to have their scars removed because it is already distracting and that it does not look good on the skin.

Good thing also that currently, there have been many ways on how to remove a scar and these are the following:

  • Topical Agents

Cream for handsThe most common method of removing a scar is through the use of pharmacologic topical agents that can be applied directly on the scar tissue. These topical agents usually come in the form of creams and lotions that is why their application on the scar is easy and the effect is direct.

The only downside to this type of scar removal treatment is that it has many limitations. First, this will only apply to scars that have been formed recently therefore the old scars that may have been present in the person’s life for years could not be easily removed.

And second, it would take a long time before these topical agents would work but rest assured, they will.

How do these topical agents work?

The basic mechanism of these topical agents is through the enhanced growth and multiplication of the epithelial skin cells.

When the scar is found only on the epidermal or the upper portion of the skin, by enhancing skin cell division, the upper portion can be easily shed off and be replaced by a new skin layer.

The normal epithelial skin cell cycle is at 30 days but with these topical agents, they could increase its speed as much as two times!

How can I know if these topical agents are effective?

Many of the scar removal topical agents are being advertised in the internet therefore through this media, one can easily browse through the many reviews of a certain product to know whether or not is it effective.

The reviews will also mention if there are any harmful side effects or contraindications of that certain drug. But to be safer, one could always consult an expert on which among the many products of scar removals one could purchase.