Preventing A Stretch Mark From Happening

Ask any person what bothers them the most about their skin and many of them will say that they do not like their stretch marks. For many people, stretch marks are often associated with pregnant women.

They think that stretch marks only happen to pregnant women. This is not the correct mindset to adopt. In fact, stretch marks can occur in both men and women.

This is the main reason why, if people do not like stretch marks then they better take steps on making sure that they prevent stretch marks from happening to them.

Here are some of the ways that a person can prevent getting stretch marks.

  • Avoid gaining weight fast

Men often get stretch marks if they gain weight fast. For example, if they become fat in just a matter of months, then there is a big chance that their belly will become large.

When this happens their skin may not be able to cope with the growing belly to the point that stretch marks will form. This also holds true for other parts of the body that get fat fast.

This is the main reason why people should always watch what they eat in order to make sure that they are able to control their weight and avoid having to deal with stretch marks.

  • Take a lot of vitamin E to keep the skin elastic and strong

Vitamin E makes a skin elastic and strong. This is the main reason why people should take vitamin E supplements if they want to prevent stretch marks.

If the skin is elastic and strong enough, then connective tissue will not easily break if the skin gets stretched. They can take special vitamin E supplements or take comprehensive supplements that have high vitamin E content. The choice is theirs.

  • Moisturize

Regularly moisturizing the skin also makes it very elastic. Elastic skin is skin that is not susceptible towards stretch marks. There are many ways to moisturize the skin.

There are soaps, lotions as well as special oils that can make the skin elastic enough that stretch marks are prevented.

  • Use special creams or lotions

stretch mark creamsSpecial creams and lotions that are designed for stretch marks have a two fold purpose. Firstly, it can be used to prevent getting stretch marks and they also are ideal for treating stretch marks.

Many pregnant women swear by specialty creams like Shea butter in terms of preventing stretch marks. The great thing about creams and lotions like these is the fact that they are readily available.

People can easily include these to the products that they regularly use on a daily basis. These creams are not expensive so they are readily accessible for everyone.

If people are really serious about avoiding stretch marks, they they should consult with a dermatologist.

These people are the best source for an ideal stretch mark treatment that they can actually use to avoid getting stretch marks at all costs. A simple visit to the nearest skin clinic is already good enough and people can find a competent dermatologist.